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Covid taught us all a lesson and along with the rest of the travel industry completely closed down the business but now we are well on the road to recovery. We do look a little different. One of the things we did during Covid was really challenge and improve our business model. The role of the high street travel agent has changed and we are leading the way forward.

We are an exciting breath of fresh air in the travel industry and do things differently. While the job is the same, the people and the environment are different. Our culture is what defines us and what holds us all together. We offer all levels of opportunities from working as a full time or part time consultant, being a mobile travel agent and choosing your own hours to owning and running your own business as part of the Travel Collective. As we are also a Café and we offer Casual Café roles, Cooks and Barista's. It exciting and we can't wait to have you as part of the team 

We are always on the look out for amazing people to join us. 

Globe Trotters is designed for the “Determined Go Getters” and is an Australian company which provides all of the support you need to run and develop your own business. During Covid many good Travel Consultants lost their jobs and now some of you may be thinking about a balance of life and trying the mobile model. We will help you transition from Consultant to Mobile to Member if that is the path you are looking for. We also cater for inhouse consultants. 

We offer the most flexible array of business models in the industry and we want to help you get ready for the boom that is now happening post Covid.


Please contact me on and lets have a chat 


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