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GT's Kids Café

Where passionate parents can relax

We are the proud parents of two amazing children 5 and 3. While we love them we hate going to a restaurant and putting them on devices or feeling like we are an imposition by dining there while they are running round like crazy kids.  

When we were in South Africa we went to a restaurant with a big play centre. As we walked in we were given a table next to it and while we enjoyed our time there they ran themselves ragged and past out in the car on the way home. A win win situation for all. 

We welcome the little ones and have created a play place for them so you get to enjoy your coffee and they enjoy themselves. We have called it the "Kids Café". We also have a kids play ground in the park next to our café for the older kids. While we do have limits on the number of little ones we can cater for at any given time we hope you enjoy you time as much as they will. There is a big chalk board that they can express their creativity on.

(Please note we do not take responsibility for looking after the kids and the liability rests with the individual parents on deciding to let their children play on the equipment. We also accept no liability for loss or injury while using our equipment or "Kids Cafe / Toys). 

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