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Welcome to our Zoom Room
We have clients all over the country and now with the Covid-19 restrictions in place we have decided to change the way we offer our services. We will still be opening our Tweed office in line with the reopening plan we have released but we will also be offering our services via a virtual channel. This will allow us to work with you in the comfort of your home or office when you need us. We are all operational 5 days a week between 9.30 am to 5.00 pm
While we would love to see you all face to face in these trying times, it is just not possible. We believe this is the next best option and we still want to offer that face to face service you have come to expect of us.
We are excited to use this option with you. We love what we do and love being able to find new ways to interact with our clients. This is best used on a computer or a tablet but can be used on a phone.
How To use the Zoom Room
In order to use this service please set up an appointment with your consultant. They will open up their own Zoom room at the required time and you will them be able to join them. You may be put into a waiting room while they open up the room.
Click on your consultants link above and if you have used zoom before it will take your straight to their own private room. If this is your first zoom experience then it will ask you to down load and install the program. It's free and safe and very easy to do. Any problems then your consultant can help you over the phone.
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