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Wedding and Honeymoon Specialists

It all starts with a simple YES. Straight after that your mind kicks into planning mode. The cake, the dress, the venue, the guest list and the date. There are a million things to plan when you kick into wedding mode. This is where we come into the picture. We have two specialists that can help you plan the perfect destinational  wedding and honeymoon. It takes a special kind of consultant to understand the needs of a bride and groom. We love this style of travel and will help you plan the perfect day and honeymoon. 

Ever dreamt of getting married on the beach in Bali, On and Island in Fiji or in an European city like Rome or Paris. 

In this day and age nobody needs another toaster or cutlery set. Often you would have been living with your spouse for a while and have all of life's essential items. We have the solution. Open a Wedding Gift Register and your friends and family can help contribute to your Wedding and Honeymoon. To find out more CLICK HERE 

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