Last updated 10/06/2020

10/06/2020 - So far we have done very well in Australia and we are seeing restrictions start to lift. We are seeing people wanting to get out and explore, Have a holiday, Change the scenery or just support the locals. 

Slowly life is getting back to normal.

If you are overseas please make contact with us and we will help you get home.

If you have a booking departing in the next 7 days we have contacted you and are working with you to help rearrange your travel 

If you have a booking with use after that please bear with us as we work in date order to help you plan and change your travel. Each booking requires a intensive amount of work and we will be in contact with you shortly 

Coronavirus Outbreak Update​

As always, the health and safety of our customers is our highest priority. Rest assured that we are monitoring the situation extremely closely and are receiving updates from multiple sources, including our local partners and suppliers in China. We appreciate your patience and understanding up to this point and hope that you can trust that every decision that we make is in the best interest of our travelers.​

Please find below an update regarding the current novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) outbreak. 

With travel to China affected, it's our role as travel agents to make this process as smooth as possible for our customers. Many customers have been dreaming, planning and booking their holiday for months or years. Our role is to provide customers with the latest information from our suppliers and to also work with them to rebook our customers on alternative holidays - either to another Asian destination or something totally different should they be open to this. We have the best selection of options available in the market and a team of people in working to support customers during this time.



  • The novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) is a flu-like virus. Like the flu, it can have a significant impact on people who contract it, particularly those who are old/fragile or have a compromised immune system (such as newborns and infants). 

  • The global death toll caused by the novel coronavirus is currently over 100 with more than 4,515 cases confirmed in mainland China. 

  • This new type of coronavirus was initially linked to a large seafood and live animal market in Wuhan City, in China’s Hubei Province. 

  • The majority of reported cases are in the Wuhan region, however there are also cases that have been identified in parts of Asia, the US and Australia.

  • Chinese authorities and their counterparts elsewhere in the world are taking precautions to ensure the virus doesn't spread. Following advice from the World Health Organization, parts of China have been placed in lock down. Nearly 60 million people have been affected by partial or full lock downs in Chinese cities as the country's government steps up its response.  

  • Since Thursday 23 January all inbound and outbound rail, long-distance bus, air, and ferry travel from Wuhan has been prohibited indefinitely. 

  • The impact of the coronavirus is not limited to Hubei province - authorities have also shut major tourist sites including the Forbidden City in Beijing and a section of the Great Wall. The Disneyland Resorts in both Shanghai and Hong Kong have been closed temporarily.


Impact to customers

  • Many countries including Australia are warning against any non-essential travel to China and have put in their own security measures. 

  • Authorities could impose further restrictions across Hubei Province with little notice which could leave travellers stranded.

  • Screening procedures have also been put in place in airports across the world. China, Australia, the US and Japan have all introduced thermal screening for the virus at identified airports for flights arriving from flights arriving from mainland China.

  • Residents and current visitors are being confined to Wuhan and have been advised that wearing a mask in public is mandatory.

How we can support customers

  • In line with the Smartraveller advice update last night, our first priority is to ensure that customers travelling to China are aware of the situation and look at ways to re accommodate customers to alternative destinations.  

  • Each Supplier has their own cancellation and amendment polices and these are very time sensitive. ie some may provide refunds or give the option to rebook up to the end of February but may not as yet given any further waivers. These will come out as this situation progresses. We will be in contact with our customers travelling to china. If you would like to discuss your travel plans please contact your consultant .

We are here to make sure that the best possible solution is found to help our customers still have an amazing holiday.

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