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Man Refuses to pay $20 Service fee; but still expects service

A middle-aged man has found himself at the centre of controversy, after proudly boasting he in fact refuses to pay additional $20 service fee to his Travel Agent.

Despite the man claiming to his consultant that he “has no budget” and that “money isn’t an issue” for him (giving the consultant absolute peanuts to work with), it would appear this is actually not the case, with the small service charge along with his booking following a 2-hour consultation somehow leaving him bamboozled.

What’s interesting in this story is that John, the man in question, is seemingly unaware of what a disrespectful & ignorant twat he has portrayed himself as, as he continues to stand by his position:

“Why should I have to pay for this? I don’t have to pay a fee for my bookings on the Internet”.

Of course if this was in fact the case, to suggest something so bluntly after first secreting as much information as possible has left the consultant absolutely livid.

Furthermore, after careful analysis it appears a lot of these online travel websites do indeed charge a “service” fee themselves. Sure, this may give you access to a hotline for questions or concerns.

Though surely it’s fair to suggest a 1-hour hold time before being connected to Sundeep in Bangladesh, pails in comparison to a quick call to Susan, the local Travel Agent happy & able to help.

Despite the 5 years of industry knowledge + hours invested into perfecting his itinerary, it is understood the man is of the opinion his Agent should in fact operate for free.

A “chippie” himself, when quizzed on whether his own customers could expect a complimentary decking installed into their backyard the man appeared perplexed by the comparison.

“What the hell has that got to do with it? Why would I spend a full day’s work with a customer and not charge a fee?”.

The irony and paradox of his response has left the rest of us completely baffled.

At the time of this article it is unclear how John intends to proceed with his booking arrangements.

Here’s hoping he finds himself caught up in the next great travel drama saga without an Agent or large company to call on for a lending hand.


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